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BDPA Middle TN Chapter is always looking for people committed to join the chapter. Please click on the Join BDPA to complete your application.

In addition, BDPA Middle TN Chapter is looking for volunteers to help with the SITES program in the following categories below. Please take a look at some of the areas where we are looking to add team members and let us know how you would like to get involved! Remember, we need YOU to make this program a success!


  • HTML (approximately 2 Months or 8 classes)
  • JavaScript (aprrox 1 Month or 4 classes)
  • CSS (approximately 1 Month or 4 Classes)
  • Binary Numbers (approximately 2 Classes)
  • Networking/Server Administration (1 Class)
  • PHP (approximately 4 Months or 16 classes)

Workshop Leaders/Facilitators

  • Project Management
  • Networking
  • Android Programming
  •  Other

Fundraising Committee

To plan and facilitate fundraisers for students and parents to assist in raising funds for the national trip. 

Grant Research

To research grants to send to National BETF director for additional funding/scholarships for students and National Competition.

Technology Showcase

Coaches to recruit and assist students with projects and to coordinate program according to National Showcase requirements.

Parent Coordinator – assist with parent meetings, and work with fundraising committee to insure parent participation and involvement.

Regional/National Competition Planning Committee

Assist with planning, organizing Regional/National Competition trips accommodations, paperwork, and activities.

Chaperones – for National/Regional Competitions