About BDPA

BDPA – Over Thirty Years of Advancing Careers

BDPA was founded in 1975 by Earl A. Pace Jr. and the late David Wimberly. The two met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) to discuss their concerns with minority involvement in data processing careers. They conversed over the lack of minorities in middle and upper management, low recruitment statistics, poor preparation of minorities for IT-related careers, and a lack of career mobility.

Through ceaseless drive and personal networking, the founders created an organization of thirty-five members. Pace Jr. and Wimberly hosted presentations detailing methods to build data-processing skills and launched a job opportunities announcement service. The organization expanded to over fifty-five throughout the United States, including thousands of members.

Today, BDPA is a member-focused organization that serves the professional well-being of its stakeholders. BDPA remains committed to excellence, providing a wide spectrum of resources to members, sponsors, businesses, educational institutions, and the community. The organization is a catalyst for professional growth and technical development for those in the IT industry.